Australian hotel and motel renovation business

Australian Motel Renovation Business

We strive for

Suite Renovations has spent many years in the Australian Motel Renovation Business maintaining some of Australia’s leading Hotels and independent Motels.
Experience Matters

Committed to finding new ways to improve Motel Renovations.

As a collective, we’ve spent many years working with some of Australia’s leading Hotels and independent Motels.

Our core strength is though the extensive experience our office team possess. Each member has a specific skill set, which enables the continual success of Suite Renovations. We have a big emphasis on working as a team and enjoying what you do! This rubs off on our clients who receive a positive experience with a no stress approach to all aspects of helping them, refurbish and maintain quality establishments.

Extensive Hotel Renovation Experience

Diverse and wide range of industry experience.

We are going to ask you to trust us with some very important services that directly affect your business.

It is important to understand who we are and why our experience makes us the smart choice for supported and independent living facility services. A diverse and wide range of experience ranging from project management to manufacturing, ensures you will recieve the very best knowledge, advice and service within the industry.

commitment to safety, experience, advice and qualified service.
Diverse and wide range of Motel Renovation experience

Key Personnel.


We are always looking for workers of all trades.

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